Im not too comfortable with this kind of copy/paste art uni dribble but i will start with this:

Im twenty something , I live in England, I've always had a desire to express or communicate but also hide and mind my own business, i guess painting is a nice middle ground, look at it or don't.  
- May 2017


Questions / feedback, always welcome - hello@ziggyhill.com



i will continue to produce and share the same amount of work online but i wont be exhibiting or selling anything this year



•(May 20th) Bargate, (A Group Of Artists Selected By GRITT) - group show - Southampton,UK
•(July) True Measure, (Fence Friends) - w/ KAZLAND  - Portland, Oregan, USA.
•(July) Play Dead Studio. (Play and destroy) Group show - Southsea, Portsmouth
•(October) Play Dead Studio. (Stand on the floor, look at the walls) w/ KAZLAND - Southsea, Portsmouth
•(November 4th ) Doms Coffee - Bristol, UK